Being Poor

being poor is a mattress on the floor somebody didn’t need anymore.

being poor is passing for middle class but knowing your white trash.

being poor is not getting protected and served because the police pick and choose who they think deserve and mostly they protect and serve each other.

being poor is getting to court and looking guilty so you can’t be proved innocent.

no kaching, no bling bling, so you ain’t no thing.

being poor is not knowing what you’re gonna be when you grow up because being poor is not knowing IF you’re gonna grow up…
but if you do grow up, you’ll probably be poor.

being poor is thinking maybe if they feel sorry for me, they won’t hate me so much.

being poor is “thank you for your time” i know it’s worth more than mine…

being poor is talking the way you talk, and walking the way you walk, anyway.

being poor is having a new religion called “whatever works”.

being poor is loving the radio because it’s free.

being poor is stealing food from Freddy’s and telling yourself God gave it to ya.

~ by loriangray on January 19, 2009.

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