My People

My people are poor. 
My people are not particularly proud but perhaps they should be for it is their remarkable resilience and ability to adapt in order to survive that ennobles them. 
My people live in aluminum boxes with indoor plumbing. 
My people move slowly, taking time to say hello. 
My people drop in whenever they are around, just to keep company for awhile. 
My people are generous and share what little they have with each other so it all balances out in the end. 
My people laugh a lot to keep from crying. 
My people work hard whether they get paid for it or not. 
My people cook homestyle with high fat comfort food and somehow there’s always enough to go around. 
My people watch a lot of tv where we laugh and cry with the celebrities and talk amongst ourselves about their lives and progress, remembering the good old days with the movies they’ve made and songs they’ve sang. 
My people are church going folks that take God and Jesus very seriously and always pray for one another.
My people have their own way of doing things and speak their own language. 
My people have:

screen doors that never seem to have screens
doors that never quite stay shut
cars that never seem to run right for very long
something that’s always broken and can’t afford to be fixed so we just use it that way
plates and bowls and forks, spoons and knives that don’t match and nobody notices until we have a guest.
white bread, white rice, iceberg lettuce, campbell’s, kool-aid, and home-made birthday cake
trailer park trailers or government subsidized housing apartments
hand me down clothes and Wal-Mart
and schools that teach the Jesus right outta ya.

My people have gotten:

up only to be pushed back down, or fall.
jobs but never careers.
dreams that sparkle when they burst and really big dreams
 supernova and collapse back onto themselves into blackholes that
  suck the life right out of the rest of us.
fired, layed off, discontinued, put on waitlist, put on call, on hold,
     hurry up and wait.
tv that shows thin people eating fattening foods on more channels than we have money.
funny kids that make their own toys, a lot of noise, and the only thing that doesn’t suck is the vacuum cleaner.

~ by loriangray on January 19, 2009.

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