string theory

“richety” is not about money to own things, it is about the power to be secure in one’s person.  richety is to know that if the police are called they will defend your status in the power structure.  richety is about knowing that if there is an accident you are insured and doctors and lawyers will remedy you.  richety is being able to choose to be thrifty, considering it a hobby.  I read today about a man who made $43,000 last year gleaning winning OBT tickets mistakenly thrown in the trash.  is he rich?  no, he’s still a poor man digging through the trash.

last week I made a spectacle of myself in front of the receptionist at school as I was so overwrought with fear of my father.  she complained.  the secretary of the provost called to inform me of a scheduled meeting for me friday at 1.  
the petty power of that vindictive receptionist is like the loose string pulling from behind me at the bottom of this lovely sweater I have been trying to knit, unraveling by the sheer force of my last desperate attempt to walk away from people like her that I have struggled all my life to escape. 
soon I will be naked. 
all that will be left of my beautiful dream is a long, lonely string that holds the memory of a sweater that almost was.

~ by loriangray on December 15, 2009.

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