nouveaux pauvre

so, you’ve heard of “nouveau riche”.  that is the “new money”  old money east coasters refer to people who win the lottery and try to hang out with them as. 
me, I’ve been poor all my life.  so, when otherwise middle to upper class people fall down farther and harder than I ever did and they are in line with me at the county medical clinic, I want to say, “hey, welcome to the jungle!”  maybe now you won’t be so quick to judge?  hungry?  here, have a can of food!
the “new poor”.  here it is in French, sounds classy, even glamorous. 
oh, and you don’t get to be homeless!  you have to be my “last resort”, remember!  that’s what we call a vacation, the “last resort”, sleeping on your friend’s couch.  it’s an improvement on sleeping on the sidewalk. 

~ by loriangray on April 28, 2010.

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