Rich people are rich and uppity, richety.  This is a retort to one of my “richety” friends and his incessant denial that wealth, like poverty, is inherited.

Fact:  Most rich people inherit their wealth.

My richety friend:  — Not Fred Meyer or Les Schwab or Bill Gates!

My red-faced retort:

Stop worshipping Bill Gates!  He INHERITED his money from his rich family and he had the audacity to skip formal education in favor of mafia like business tactics that made him rich at the expense of many, many, many small businesses and the life work of many, many software developers.  He should be prosecuted for his monopoly on the computer industry and yet he is now so rich and powerful he can successfully evade accountability. 

And, may I remind you, you are all MEN!  Men have it a LOT easier to pave their way to at least middle class simply by virtue of membership in the good ol’ boys club.  Most poor men will always be poor because they are not included in that camaraderie and networking it takes to make it in the business world.  Most poor men simply do not have access to the higher education and contacts and just basic esteem that is required to achieve a good job that is considered middle class.  And many men, good, decent men, do not WANT to have middle class office type, white collar jobs.  They are PROUD of their blue collar, hands on, get dirty hard work that they do for such little pay.  What angers them is how they get treated when they do middle class things like apply for credit, buy a house, or buy a car.  Or, heaven forbid, ask for higher pay or benefits for their families.

And let’s talk about women.  Poor, white women have ALWAYS worked.  They just don’t get paid.  Many middle class women work too, and they also do not get paid.  Traditionally, compensation for all the hard WORK they do has come through their husband’s but nowadays that just isn’t the case for most of us.  It’s called “women’s WORK” because if women do it, it doesn’t get paid or is paid very little with no benefits.  But then if men start doing women’s work, suddenly it requires years of education and a license to do it! and, you have to have some kind of insurance to be able to afford the service that women did for free all those years.

Rich, white men have a stranglehold on all the world and you got a part of it.  Good for you.  I will have a part of it too soon enough.  But I will not worship my “forefathers” or bow down to the corporate oligarchy.  In fact, it makes me a little happy to see them crumbling.  If it weren’t for the fact that when they fall, they fall on us.

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