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one of the missions I had after that bus crash was I wanted the whole damned world to know what it’s really like to be poor. I know at college I look middle class, I talk middle class, mostly I am treated middle class and I try to act like it.

my mother and her mother are middle class. my father and all of his family I was raised around were very poor. there is a terrible injustice called classism that hardly anyone addresses. we know all about the evils of racism and sexism but classism is commonly accepted to be a character defect of the poor, not a political problem people are born into.

hospitals do not care that much about people who can’t afford to pay. most doctors do not care that much about people who can’t afford to pay. black people and women at least have some idea that some of the oppression they experience in life is not their fault, it is patriarchy. but the poor blame themselves. i would love it if every person on the planet could somehow feel good about themselves just the way they are. not equal rights, or equal opportunity or equal outcome per se, just equal value. intrinsic human dignity. imagine all the people, living life in peace… you may say i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one. i hope some day you’ll join us and the world will live as one.

capitalists think that if people felt good about themselves they would not have the drive to achieve. i think it’s the opposite. if people hate themselves they get depressed and wind up sitting in front of the tv eating cheetos and drinking cheap beer. it’s hard to motivate people to self actualize when they feel doomed. so, i unplugged my tv, never buy cheetos, and if i drink a beer it is a good one. don’t believe the media lies that if you look like the people on tv then you are a worthwhile person, a success.

be who you are, be it well, and be happy. live, laugh, love. mostly love.

Funny Tee Shirts To Buy

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I found these intelligent humor Tee Shirts and had to post!  There’s a whole website of wearable laughter at SnorgTees

Pi Is Not A Rational Number and Square Root of Negative One is An Imaginary Number



Get it?

May The Force Be With You

May The Force Be With You

Ions Will Be Ions

nouveaux pauvre

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so, you’ve heard of “nouveau riche”.  that is the “new money”  old money east coasters refer to people who win the lottery and try to hang out with them as. 
me, I’ve been poor all my life.  so, when otherwise middle to upper class people fall down farther and harder than I ever did and they are in line with me at the county medical clinic, I want to say, “hey, welcome to the jungle!”  maybe now you won’t be so quick to judge?  hungry?  here, have a can of food!
the “new poor”.  here it is in French, sounds classy, even glamorous. 
oh, and you don’t get to be homeless!  you have to be my “last resort”, remember!  that’s what we call a vacation, the “last resort”, sleeping on your friend’s couch.  it’s an improvement on sleeping on the sidewalk. 

Social Class Uprising

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In a time of turbulent injustice, survival is an act of civil disobedience.


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Poverty is like quicksand, you never really get out, and even if you do, you come out covered in it.

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______ is a major factor responsible for creating the conditions of suffering and hopelessness that make people desperate for any route out of poverty.

criminal injustice

social inequity





anything else contribute to suffering and hopelessness that leads one to consider any way out of poverty?

string theory

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“richety” is not about money to own things, it is about the power to be secure in one’s person.  richety is to know that if the police are called they will defend your status in the power structure.  richety is about knowing that if there is an accident you are insured and doctors and lawyers will remedy you.  richety is being able to choose to be thrifty, considering it a hobby.  I read today about a man who made $43,000 last year gleaning winning OBT tickets mistakenly thrown in the trash.  is he rich?  no, he’s still a poor man digging through the trash.

last week I made a spectacle of myself in front of the receptionist at school as I was so overwrought with fear of my father.  she complained.  the secretary of the provost called to inform me of a scheduled meeting for me friday at 1.  
the petty power of that vindictive receptionist is like the loose string pulling from behind me at the bottom of this lovely sweater I have been trying to knit, unraveling by the sheer force of my last desperate attempt to walk away from people like her that I have struggled all my life to escape. 
soon I will be naked. 
all that will be left of my beautiful dream is a long, lonely string that holds the memory of a sweater that almost was.